(Backstory for me) They have been dropped out of flying machines. One magical, one mechanical, they crashed. Something caused the aircraft to shift to far far away. The mechanical one went to the mountains, far north. The magical one went to an island in the middle of the sea.

Player X begins by waking up entangled in the undergrowth of a tree. The wet smell of a forest surrounds them. The ground below is covered with leaves, dirt and moss, all around and above are the roots of enormous trees. Their red leaves are barely visible through the tangled mass of roots and dirt above. The roots extend about 15 feet into the air. Water can be heard, otherwise it sounds like an average forest. It’s humid. the sun is setting. It sounds like trees are moaning in the breeze.

A shape can be heard above. A man-like shape swings through the roots above swiftly and silently. At first it looks like a monkey, It has no tail, and a long pointed face. Its hair is gray, and it has long hook like hands. Around its neck is a light orange-red scarf. If anything catches his attention he will swoop down and land with a thump. He appears to stand awkwardly o his hookish hands and feet. He gazes at player silently, but curiously.

A young man bustles out of a tangle of roots to the left. He is of average height. He has tangly-curly light brown hair. You can see some twigs and leaves in it. Otherwise he is quite dirty. He wears plain brown trousers and a light green tunic. In his arms is a bag that appears to be filled with a small orange fruit. He sees player and his eyes widen. He dashes back into the growth he came from, dropping his bag of fruits. The monkey creature shuffles off the other way as soon as he comes out, making a honk-squeek noise.

The man comes from a village, the monkey lives in a small clan of them a bit farther away in the forestroots.

Cut to rest of party.

They awaken to find themselves hanging in the roots, several feet above the floor. The can see the river as it flows into a waterfall a fair distance off. Below them is a clearing. As they begin to struggle out, they see a hunched figure in a brown cloak walk into the clearing. Hearing the party struggling, they look up. It’s an old gray man. He calls out to them in his old timey voice, asking how they got way up there. He does not seem too surprised though. After watching them struggle a bit longer he calls back into the undergrowth.

The village.

It can be heard from some distance away. A racket of whirrs and clanks, hisses, the shouts of men. As they step through a tunnel-like growth of roots, they come into a massive clearing, if you could call it that. The sky is visible at any rate. The first thing they notice is that the bark of all of the trees facing the clearing appears burnt. Indeed, the smell of burning wood pervades throughout the clearing. The village itself is made up of about 30 buildings, most of them appear to be dwellings. The rest are tall tower like structures, extending a good ways up. They are built from the burnt out trunks of the trees that once stood there. Smoke can be seen billowing out of many of them, that also appear to be the source of the metallic sounds. There are a lot of people bustling about. More than it seems should fit in the “clearing” People of all ages, all dressed in plain browns and greens. A few of the better dressed ones appear to be wearing bronze decorations. The “dwellings” are actually tunnel entrances. The only buildings that have any above ground activity are some shops and the cranes.

The Cranes

The Tunnels

The Infrastructure

The UnderVillage

The party can ask about all of this later. For now, they must be set straight about where they are. They are taken straight to the Chief Engineer, who seems to be in charge of the whole operation.h1. Your title here…

The new campaign